Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator

Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker &
Executive Presentation Coach
Let's Talk. 860-371-8801 or Email me
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator

Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker &
Executive Presentation Coach
Let's Talk. 860-371-8801 or Email me
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach
Let's Talk. 860-371-8801 or Email me

A professional skill that every professional needs

Distinguish yourself with effective presentation skills.

No matter what your field of study or professional discipline, your career and work impact can be greatly enhanced if you possess strong presentation skills and confidence. Presentation skills continue to be one of the most commonly requested professional development needs listed on Individual Development Plans (IPDs) at major corporations.

Your ability to deliver presentations that break through business barriers and get results. Effective presentation skills will shine a spotlight on your capabilities and potential.

  • Scroll down to read about the two first steps to becoming a more competent and confident presenter.

When you are ready to take the next step in your presentation mastery, we invite you to learn more about our progressive learning series, The Motivated Presenter™ which will help you and your team go from good to great. You will realize these valuable benefits:

    • Achieve results by stretching beyond your comfort zone
    • Create dynamic presentations that educate, convince, motivate and persuade
    • Reduce dependency on technical crutches like PowerPoint
    • Become a high impact presenter with more effective public speaking skills and confidence
    • Learn more by downloading the Brochure: The Motivated Presenter series of Training and Coaching Programs

Consider what might be at stake with your next presentation:

  • your career advancement
  • a decision you need to move forward
  • a sale that will make you more successful
  • a new relationship that will help you grow
  • influence and recognition

Imagine if you could…

  • achieve your desired outcome at your next presentation with greater ease and certainty…
  • feel totally confident giving presentations, without having to hide behind the podium or a huge PowerPoint “deck”…
  • see yourself being a powerful presenter able to influence and motivate your audiences to action as a result of speaking to them…

The first step – overcoming reluctance

Glossophobia is speech anxiety or fear of public speaking. An estimated 75% of all people experience some degree of anxiety and nervousness when public speaking. Are you one of them? If you are, there’s hope. Kathy McAfee shares 4 tips for overcoming “glossophobia”  or fear of public speaking to bring out your best self when speaking.

Watch this TV interview with Kathy McAfee:

The second step – reducing your PowerPoint clutter

stop global boring IMAGE for puzzle - LOW RES

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ Nov 14, 2006) estimated that there are over 30 million PowerPoint presentations given every day around the world and that this is costing U.S. companies over $252 million each day in wasted time. Your time in preparing the presentation. Your audience’s time in listening to it. It’s time to Stop Global Boring – reduce your PowerPoint emissions now.

Is PowerPoint a getting in your way?

Is PowerPoint preventing you from fully engaging your audience and moving them to action? Do you feel compelled to add more slides loaded with images and bullets points to safeguard you from forgetting something or losing track of what you wanted to say in the presentation? Sadly, for many business professionals, PowerPoint has become a real crutch, disconnecting them from their audiences and generating painful amounts of unproductive boredom. There is a better way.

Your next step

Invest in training and development for you and your team in the art of high engagement presentation skills. The Motivated Presenter™ series is offered in a variety of group training and individual coaching formats.

  • One-on-one executive presentation coachingwith your choice of focus: planning, design, and/or delivery of an upcoming “high stakes” presentation that is important to you. This coaching program is best suited for strong presenters who want to become inspiring thought-leaders and use their public speaking abilities to distinguish themselves in their field.
  • Self Study using the Stand & Deliver™ audio training program, which is available for purchase as a digital download. Stand & Deliver™ is an executive presentation training program that will help you reduce your dependence on technical crutches. It includes 73 minutes of audio instruction written and narrated by Kathy McAfee, four down-loadable templates, video clip and the original song Motivation from Mark Shepard.

Watch this preview video from The Motivated Presenter™ series:

Here’s what you’ll gain in The Motivated Presenter™ series:

  • Build upon your natural presentation and communications strengths;
  • Identify your style issues and develop solutions to minimize potential negative impact;
  • Master techniques to better understand, build rapport with and engage your audience;
  • Advance your current skills in the art of persuasion;
  • Deliver your message more creatively without the use of PowerPoint® software or other technical crutches;
  • Motivate your audience to take specific action;
  • Seek honest feedback and learn to leverage peer coaching to make you better;
  • Bolster your confidence, energy and results the next time you stand and deliver.

What clients are saying…

“The one course taken with you last year has benefited me professionally more than anything else I’ve done in years.” – Diane Eder, CLU, ChFC, Vice President, Head of Sales Technologies, ING Life Sales Support, Minneapolis

“Kathy, I have trained with Gael Himmah and Tony Robbins, you are in their league!  Awesome!  I had a great training day.” – Van F., United Way, Connecticut.

“I had an opportunity to attend a two-day executive development seminar presented by Kathy McAfee. Kathy was an excellent motivator with practical ideas that would benefit just about any industry. Attending Kathy’s seminars will result in profound changes to how your key staff looks at inspiring others.” – Charles W. Sellers, CLU, ChFC, Royal Neighbors of America

“The results you delivered for me and my team with your presentation program were absolutely fantastic. In fact, your coaching exceeded my expectations and positively influenced my own position in the company.” –Joe Vasile, VP of Sales – USA, ALSTOM Power, Inc.

“Kathy’s techniques are very beneficial in not only keeping your audience’s attention but also gaining their participation. Any speaker would truly benefit from taking this program.” – David Pence, District Director of Agencies, Cotton States Insurance

“The training that I received during “Stand & Deliver” helped focus and provide crystal clarity on the key message. This focus allowed for a stronger message, a stronger format and more structure to my presentations. Once I had that structure, I was able to be even more confident that my message would be clearly understood. Today, my delivery is even stronger. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to provide strong, clear presentations with confidence.” –Rahna Barthelmess, former Senior Brand Manager, LEGO Systems, Inc. now President, Beacon Marketing Group

“Rather than focus on those hard mechanics we have all had drilled into our heads time and time again – Kathy explores the vital softer skills a presenter needs. This takes a presenter from simply “delivering a presentation” to “connecting with an audience on a personal level.” And it is this connection point that makes a presentation truly powerful and persuasive.” – Bob Lichty, former Director of Sales, MMA

“The tools that you provided will have an immediate impact on my presentation skills! The 3 secrets that you shared will not only be applicable when I have to do a presentation, they will be a guiding tool for use in any situation with people interactions.”- Jodie Vanbrunt, Director of Business Analysis, Hartford Steam Boiler- HSB

Ready to get started?

To find out how coaching with America’s Marketing Motivator can help you advance your presentation mastery, please contact Kathy McAfee at (860) 408-0033 or email Kathy@AmericasMarketingMotivator.com and tell us about your specific needs and interests. We’re here to help!


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