Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator

Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker &
Executive Presentation Coach
Let's Talk. 860-371-8801 or Email me
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator

Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker &
Executive Presentation Coach
Let's Talk. 860-371-8801 or Email me
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach - America's Marketing Motivator
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach
Kathy McAfee, Professional Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach
Let's Talk. 860-371-8801 or Email me

Technical Presentation Skills Course

Two-Day Workshop: Effective Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals with Kathy McAfee

In this fast paced global marketplace, it’s not enough to be a subject matter expert; technical professionals must learn to communicate and present their ideas in an effective and persuasive manner. The Motivated Presenter™ workshop is now customized to meet the needs of engineers and other technical professionals who must distill their complex data into meaningful, actionable information that their audience will value and appreciate.

“Your ability to communicate is an enormous differentiator in your career. “Presentation is synthesis: actionable nuggets, things that our clients and customers can understand and act upon.”- Chris Van Buiten, VP of Innovation, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (read Chris’s tips for a great technical presentation)

Reduce your technical dependency when you present

This two-day presentation skills training workshop is designed to help technical professionals reduce their PowerPoint clutter and wean themselves of other technical crutches that are currently diminishing their presentation effectiveness. They will learn how to better present themselves and their ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences with greater impact and results.

“This is a great workshop for anyone with the least bit of presentation anxiety. The exercises and feedback are extremely helpful, and it was fun!”Bany Cranmer, Financial Analyst, Sikorsky


“This two day workshop is an excellent investment of time. The tools and techniques are very easily learned and utilized. The course is information rich, builds collaboration among participants and provides helpful take home materials. ” – Linda Koch, Senior HR Business Partner, Bayer Diabetes Care

This course is designed to help engineers and other technically trained professionals who need to:

  • spend less time creating presentation slides, graphs and charts that are confusing to the audience;
  • become more comfortable getting up and speaking in front of audiences large and small;
  • learn how to communicate their main idea in a concise and crisp fashion;
  • know what’s most important to their audience and how to deliver that relevant information to them in a more powerful way;
  • prepare, practice and rehearse their briefings for greater impact and use videotape feedback for improvement;
  • improve the usefulness and esthetic quality of their slides and other visual aids;
  • make their data interesting and useful to their audience;
  • work on their vocal power and non-verbal communication skills including body language, gestures and eye contact;
  • get to the point quicker in presentations to key customers and learn to convey issues to senior management in a more concise and effective manner;
  • increase their confidence and presentation mastery for career advancement and business growth;
  • mentor and coach others on their staff to become more effective communicators and presenters.

“I found the course very informative. The interaction portion helped kick me into high gear towards achieving my goal of becoming a credible source of information for all levels in my organization.”Xaviar Bennett, Instrumentation Laboratory Supervisor, Sikorsky

Why is it important for technical professionals to learn to to become more effective presenters?

Created by PA Consulting firm and presented by General Stanley McChrystal, head of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, this slide says it all. The New York Times reported the General saying when he unveiled this slide to his audience “When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war.”

Technically trained, left brain dominant professionals are typically enthralled with data, detail, evidence and process. They often start down in the detail, rather than first presenting the big picture or main idea. They struggle communicating the meaning behind their complex data, charts and graphs. They make their audience suffer, struggling to interrupt the barrage of overly complicated information often contained in a technical presentation. As a result, the desired presentation outcome is often derailed, postponed or denied. No one enjoys that outcome.

“Really good class; taught very well. Requiring us to apply the information in the five minute practice presentations really made a difference.”Millard Porter, Flight Test Operations Manager, Sikorsky

What do engineers and techies have to gain by improving presentation skills?

Participants reported the following goals for improving their presentation skills after taking this two-day workshop:

  1. “Opportunity to make a difference as a mentor. I can implement things I’m working on. I will experience greater job sanctification and enrichment”
  2. “People will desire to hear from me again on this and other topics. I will feel more comfortable with my message and can take advantage of more opportunities.”
  3. “My confidence and persuasiveness will hopefully lead to more good things in my work life.”
  4. “I will have more meaningful discussions and be able to represent my company more effectively.”
  5. “This will enhance my career and give me confidence.”
  6. “This allows me to think out-of-the-box. My improved presentation style will enable me to convince stakeholders.”
  7. “Credibility with my peers and supervisors.”
  8. “My job depends upon it and the results will be positive.”

“Your course has opened my eyes to an endless set of tools to utilize on all future presentations. Thank you!”Chris House, Chief of Flight Test, Sikorsky

Sample agenda

Here is a sample agenda of some of the topics that we cover in this 2-day training workshop. Each participant receives a 100+ page workbook, digital download of the audio training program Stand & Deliver and copy of the book Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds (or equivalent). A videographer will be present on Day #2. Each participant will receive a DVD copy of their practice presentations and peer and coaching feedback following the workshop.


“This program really opened up my eyes to the strategies and techniques of building a killer presentation. I can’t wait to keep improving.” – John Moore, engineer, Sikorsky Aircraft


“Kathy is a competent teacher of presentation skills, both remedial and advanced. She can help get rid of global boring. Engineers and Managers should be required to take this class.” – Ben Hein, engineer, Sikorsky Aircraft


“Kathy McAfee’s workshop was conducted in a professional and personable way. I enjoyed learning new preparation skills and methods in a safe, fun and professional environment.” – James A. Johnson, R&D Engineer, Bayer HealthCare


“I would recommend this course with Kathy McAfee as the instructor to any company and for all levels of employees.” – Beverly Busman, Technical Writer, Bayer HealthCare


Day One

Morning Session 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Course Objectives/Overview
  • What makes a great technical presentation?
  • Evaluation of technical presentations shown on www.TED.com
  • Planning your presentation with Clean Sheet Thinking™
  • Messaging: refining your key message with the SWAMPUM criteria

Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. – free time

Afternoon Session 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Organizing your presentation. Tools to help you with the flow, structure and time budgeting
  • Techniques for opening and closing your presentation
  • Designing your visual aids. Best practices with slides and handouts
  • Creative delivery alternatives: story telling, metaphors and props
  • Preparing for Day #2

Day Two

Morning Session 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

  • Review of key insights from Day #1
  • Communicating with Influence
  • Vocal Power and Body Language intelligence
  • Moving with purpose and confidence when you present
  • Overcoming anxiety with public speaking. Re-channeling nervous energy into something you can use
  • Focused Peer Feedback: how to give it, how to receive it

Lunch 12:00-1:00 p.m. – working lunch.

  • Begin video taped practice presentations (5 minute presentations, delivered twice by each participant)

Afternoon Session 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Video Tape practice presentations continue for the balance of participants
  • Agreement of Action
  • The Value of On-going Training and Coaching
  • Workshop Evaluations
  • Wrap Up

 For more information about bringing this training workshop to your company, please contact Kathy McAfee at (860) 408 -0033 or email Kathy@MarketingMotivator.net



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